Logitech® M217 Wireless Mouse – DARK

Part No: 910-004637

Logitech Wireless Mouse M217 gives you the comfortable, intuitive control you want for your notebook. Place your wireless mouse wherever it feels best and enjoy smooth, precise tracking, easy text selection and effortless scrolling. This mouse comes with the 2.4-gigahertz (GHz) wireless technology that delivers stable and speedy connectivity.Enjoy smooth and responsive cursor control, with its optical sensor.


    Logitech® M217 Wireless Mouse – DARK

    This mouse is fast, lightweight, comfortable, accurate and easy to use, with some practice. It is truly plug and play. If you’ve never bought a mouse for your laptop, you will have no problem using it. You open the battery case, and pull out a strip that blocks a contact. This is just packaging. You throw it away, close the battery cover and turn the mouse on. Put the receiver in a USB port on your laptop with the asterisk icon pointing up, and a driver file self-installs.

    Wirelesser Connection via Radio (2.40 GHz)

    2 Buttons, 2-Way Tilt Wheel

    Sensor type: optical, 1000 dpi

    Power supply: AA Battery

    Wireless Mouse M217

    Model Number:M-R0028

    Operating System Connectivity


    PID – Under mouse

    Height:38.0 mm or 1.5 inches

    Width:2.36 mm or 60.0 inches

    Depth:100.0 mm or 3.94 inches

    Weight:60.0 g or 2.1 ounce