Microsoft Software CALS for Win Server 2012 (5 users)

Part No: R18-03755

A server Client Access License (CAL) gives users and devices the legal right to access an installation of Windows Server 2012. A server license by itself does not provide the legal right for others to connect to that server.

    Windows Server 2012 delivers a highly available and easy to manage cloud-optimized platform.Every user or device accessing Windows Server requires a CAL.


    Microsoft SQL Server:- multiplexing scenarios and licensing requirements for the Microsoft SQL Server database software. (Note: Windows Server and Exchange Server CAL requirements apply for any access either direct or indirect to these servers.)

    Microsoft Project Server:-some multiplexing scenarios and licensing requirements for Microsoft Project Server.

    Microsoft Visual Studio Team Foundation Server:- As with SQL Server and other products in Microsoft’s server/CAL licensing model, applying multiplexing rules to CAL requirements for Microsoft Visual Studio Team Foundation Server depends on the degree of automation involved in content, file, or data accessibility and distribution.