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WD My Cloud DL2100 0TB EMEA


Built from the ground up with hardware, software and storage from WD, My Cloud Business Series DL2100 is a true all-in-one, high-performance NAS solution designed for small businesses. The fully integrated, easy to deploy system provides the reliability, security, and scalability needed to drive small business success.

    Keep your business data in one safe, efficient place

    Centralize and protect critical business data from all the PC and Mac computers in your workplace on one, easy to manage NAS solution. And with secure remote and mobile access, you can get to it anytime, from anywhere to share files with employees, partners and customers.

    Performance to boost your business

    Powered by a high-performance Intel® Atom™ C2350 dual-core processor and 1 GB DDR3 memory, My Cloud DL2100 delivers optimal multi-user and multi-application performance your business needs to maximize productivity. Ultra-fast read and write speeds of 115 MB/s and 101 MB/s give your business the power to transfer large amounts of files simultaneously, enhancing workplace efficiency.

    Built-in reliability your business demands

    My Cloud Business Series pre-configured NAS come populated with WD Red NAS hard drives. Ultra-reliable and purposely built for NAS systems, WD Red drives improve performance and thrive in 24×7 environments.

    WD’s exclusive NASware™ technology further optimizes WD Red for the NAS environment. From vibration compensation, optimized power usage and protecting your data in the event of a power loss or disruption, the firmware is designed to give you improved reliability, system performance, and reduced downtime.

    For My Cloud Business Series diskless NAS systems, make WD Red drives your first choice for the ultimate NAS experience.

    Robust data protection to safeguard critical business data

    Lost data means lost business, so My Cloud DL2100 offers comprehensive data protection options to secure your files from unexpected loss. Protect all the PC and Mac computers in your workplace using local, remote or cloud backup. Multiple RAID configurations and volume encryption add even more protection and security for all your files. And with dual NICs and dual power ports, My Cloud DL2100 keeps you connected to your data in case of network connection or power supply failure.

    Capacity and performance you need today, scalable for the future

    My Cloud Business Series devices are designed to keep up with your future storage and performance needs. Easily hot swap in larger drives without turning off the device, keeping your business up and running. The built-in memory expansion slot allows you to increase RAM to 5 GB for improved system performance. For even more storage and speed, My Cloud DL2100 is equipped with dual Gigabit Ethernet ports that allow you to daisy-chain to another NAS device for increased network storage capacity.

    Seamless business environment integration

    Integrate My Cloud Business Series NAS into your existing Active Directory for streamlined file sharing, easy data management and increased business efficiency.

    Perfect fit for virtualization environments

    With integrated iSCSI support, My Cloud Business Series NAS easily provide storage for virtual machines, applications and servers on your network, giving you fast access to your business data.

    Automatically copy your external USB with the touch of a button

    With the built-in, one-touch copy button conveniently located on the front of the system, you can automatically copy all the files you have stored on an external USB to the My Cloud DL2100, keeping all your business files in one safe, central location.



    Operating System:



    • Gigabit Ethernet x 2
    • Power inlet (DC in) x 2
    • USB 3.0 expansion port x 1 rear
    • USB 3.0 port with direct copy x 1 front

    Drive bays

    • 2 x 3.5 inch hard drive bays, hot swap capable, tray-less design

    Internal hard drives

    • WD Red NAS hard drives


    • 1.7 GHz Intel Atom C2350


    • 1 GB DDR3L, expandable to 5 GB max via single DIMM slot unpopulated
      Upgradeable with 1x 4 GB DDR3, 1600MHz, , CL11, 1.5V, Unbuffered, DIMM
      or with 1x 4 GB DDR3, 1333MHz, , CL11, 1.5V, Unbuffered, DIMM
    • Compatible memory upgrades include, but are not limited to:
      Kingston – KVR16N11S8/4
      Spec: 4GB 240 Pin DIMM PC3-12800 CL11
      Kingston – KVR13N9S8/4
      Spec: 4GB 240 Pin DIMM PC3-10600 CL9

    System Requirements

    • Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista operating system
    • Mac OS X Mountain Lion, Lion, Snow Leopard and Mavericks operating systems
    • DLNA/UPnP devices for streaming
    • Internet connection for remote access

    Supported Web Browsers

    • Internet Explorer 8 or higher
    • Safari 6 or higher
    • Firefox 21 or higher
    • Google Chrome 27 and later on supported Windows and Mac OS platforms

    Network Protocols

    • DHCP Client or Static IP
    • NTP Client
    • Dynamic DNS (DDNS)
    • Apple Bonjour and Windows Rally
    • Jumbo frame support up to 9K
    • VLAN (802.1Q)
    • Link Aggregation and failover for 2 Gigabit Ethernet ports
    • UPnP port forwarding
    • IPv6
    • iSCSI
    • SSH

    Network File Services

    • OS Supports
      • Windows XP Home/ Pro/ 64-bit SP3+
      • Windows Vista/ 7/ 8 (All versions)
      • Mac OS X 10.6, Lion, Mountain Lion
    • CIFS/SMBv3 for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux
    • NFSv3 for Linux and UNIX
    • AFP for Mac OS X
    • Microsoft Distributed File System (DFS)
    • WebDAV Server


    • Active Directory support for Windows Server
    • Volume Encryption (256 bit AES)

    File System

    • EXT4 for internal HDD
    • Support following formats for externally attached USB drives
      • FAT/FAT32
      • NTFS (read and write capability)
      • HFS+J (case sensitive)
      • Linux EXT2, EXT3, EXT4

    FTP Server

    • Support Port Setting
    • Set port range of passive FTP
    • Option to report external IP in PASV mode
    • Client language selection
    • Anonymous FTP
    • Secure FTP Support
    • Support File eXchange Protocol (FXP)
    • FTP bandwidth restriction (upstream/downstream)
    • IP address block (block access from undesired IP address)

    Download Management

    • HTTP downloads from a URL to a user specified folder on the NAS
    • FTP downloads of files or folders from an FTP server to another files/folders on the NAS
    • P2P Download Manager

    Disk management

    • RAID: JBOD, spanning, 0/1
    • RAID migration
      • JBOD to RAID 1
    • Hot swapping
    • Disk roaming
    • Array roaming

    Power Management

    • Drive Spin Up/Down (including Attached WD USB drives)
    • Automatic power recovery (with UPS)
    • Schedule power on/off
    • Graceful shutdown on UPS low battery
    • FAN Control
    • Network UPS
    • Wake On LAN

    Remote Access

    • My Cloud and WD Photos mobile app
    • My Cloud desktop app

    User/Group Management

    • Max No. of Users: 512 for Samba, 800 for ADS
    • Max No. of User Groups: 64 for Samba, 200 for ADS
    • Max No. of Network Shares: Max No. of Network Shares: 128
    • User/Group assignment for network sharing/FTP
    • Quotas for groups or users
    • Assignment of users to multiple groups
    • Batch assignment of users to groups
    • Batch user creation
    • Importing users (CSV Delimited Format)
    • Importing groups (CSV Delimited Format)

    Backup management

    • Remote backups: My Cloud Business Series to My Cloud Business Series locally or remotely
    • Apple Time Machine (10.5.8+) support
    • Backup internal files or folders of the device to other files/folders on the NAS
    • Cloud-based backup services
      • Amazon S3
      • ElephantDrive (http://home.elephantdrive.com/)
    • Disk sync management for the attached USB ports

    System Management

    • LCD display information:
      • IP Address of connected server (and friendly name)
      • Fan monitor
      • System temperature monitor
      • Disk monitor
      • Disk volume monitor
      • Ethernet plug monitor
      • Device uptime
      • Capacity remaining
      • Firmware version
    • System status: Device Information
      • Capacity usage status for the external storage
      • File category breakdown of how much video, photo, music is stored
    • Alert notifications
      • Event UI message
      • UI Alert (with message acknowledgment required)
      • Email notice
      • QuickView pop-up message
      • RED LED status
    • Network recycle
      • Support Windows CIFS
      • Support Apple AFP
    • System/FTP Log (Syslog Client)
    • HTTP/S (Web) Administration Interface (HTTP Server)
    • Firmware upgrade
    • Configuration backup and restore
    • SNMPv2
    • System Information
      • CPU percentage
      • RAM usage
      • Network performance in MB/s

    USB port

    • Support UPS monitoring
    • Support External Storage device
    • Support MTP (Media Transfer Protocol) and PTP (Picture Transfer Protocol)

    Media Streaming

    • UPnP AV Media server (Twonky)
    • DLNA certification
    • Support WD TV Live, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Windows 8, connected TVs, Blu-ray players and digital picture frames
    • iTunes Server

    Add-on support

    • aMule – peer to peer file sharing application
    • Icecast – media streaming app
    • phpBB – Internet forum application
    • Joomla! – content management system
    • SqueezeCenter – streaming audio server
    • phpMyAdmin – My SQL administration tool
    • WordPress – blogging tool and content management system
    • Transmission – BitTorrent client


    • iSCSI Target
      • CHAP authentication
      • iSNS (Internet Storage Name Service )
      • Up to 64 iSCSI Targets
    • Volume Virtualization: NAS can be configured as an iSCSI initiator and capable of mapping any iSCSI target of the other device to be one virtual volume.
      • Virtual Disk Drive (via iSCSI Initiator)
      • Max number of virtual disk drives supported is eight (8)

    Power Supply

    • Input voltage: 100V to 240V AC
    • Input frequency: 50 to 60 Hz
    • Output voltage: 19V DC, up to 6.32A


    • Operating Temperature: 0° C to 35° C ( 32° F to 95° F)
    • Non-op Temperature: -40° C to 70° C (-40° F to 158° F)

    Package Contents

    • NAS
    • Ethernet cable
    • Power supply and cable
    • Quick Install Guide